SGL for USaR in brevis

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The Second Generation Locator for Urban Search and Rescue Operations (SGL for USaR) is mission oriented towards solving critical problems following large scale structural collapses in urban locations. The devotion, courage and expertise of rescuers need to be matched by procedures and technology that will enable safe and effective responses...


SGL for USaR highlights

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  • See the video about SGL for USaR in Euronews (FUTURISTM)
  • See a video about the research in SGL for USaR
  • Register to the Technology Forum and take part in discussions for future USaR technologies






Key terms


- Demonstration of the integrated system, 28 September 2012, Gava, Spain

- Workshop on "Human Signatures", 21-23 June 2012, Syros Island, Greece

- Workshop on Alarms, 7-9 June 2012, Syros Island, Greece

- "Caring for Life" - Expert Workshop, 25-26 May 2012, Brussels, Belgium

- “SGL for USaR” project participated in the 20th International Conference On-Site Analysis for Homeland Security, Forensics and Environmental Remediation, January    23-25, 2012, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

-EC Innovation Convention, 5-6 December 2011, Brussels, Belgium

-"Technology for Life" USaR Conference, 10-11 October 2011, Brignoles, France
- DARK experiments, 26-30 September 2011, KOMAK, Athens, Greece
- FIRST tests for forensic applications, 26-30 September 2011, KOMAK, Athens, Greece
- FIRST field tests, 26-30 September 2011, KOMAK, Athens, Greece
- REDS field tests, 12-13 September 2011, DIRIP, Gava, Spain
- Odor Simulator canines training tests, 5-8 September 2011, SDIS84, Avignon, France